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• Business Infrastructure relating to Payments

• Cloud based ipad Point of Sale

• PCI Assessment

• Software/Mainframe/Gateway Consulting

• Payroll Accounting Services

• Bill Pay Portal ACH Payments and Invoicing

• Merchant Services Client Consulting and Payment Processing

• International Currency Conversion for Credit Card Transactions

• Moving/Relocation/Department Consolidation Project Management

At DBC, our solutions address every aspect of payments, all powered and secured by state-of-the-art technology applied in innovative ways to meet individual customer requirements and keep you ahead of the curve. Whether its new technology initiatives such as mobile commerce, or solutions tailored to the needs of emerging vertical markets, you can trust us to deliver the right solution at the right time.



Sign up DBC to become your preferred vendor for merchant services for your members. We can co-brand, sign up special rates, direct deposit association rebates, and more; offering a stream-lined relationship between you and your members.

Also allows pricing for a large group of clients to be consolidated together, rather than priced individually. Financial Institutions, Medical Management Services, Veterinary clinics, Building & Lumber stores, Liquor stores are some of the types of associations that will benefit from grouping under one Merchant Services plan.



Did you know that Industrial businesses use Pre-paid cards as means of attracting their customers? For example: at tradeshows give out prepaid cards instead of business cards, at holidays send to your rewarding clients, increase production by sending all your dormant accounts prepaid cards to do business with you again. DBC can set your industrial company up with a program along with bidding your merchant services credit card processing to add to your bottom line. I have been able to save enough with this vendor relationship to help you find funds for other projects within your organization.



Every car dealer needs gift cards in their business. Give a gift card to every new car purchase for their first oil change. DBC can help you set up a streamline card and electronic check processing all in one web based system. This gives you more counter space for parts and service areas; getting rid of older equipment. We can set up separate merchant accounts for your “Parts & Service”, “Down Pay”, and “Body Shop”. DBC has experience with multi-locations and franchises, connecting all the locations under one can save you much more on the card processing rate. DBC can sync its services with your current automotive POS system.



DBC has been an exhibitor for NIGA National Indian & Gaming Association, DBC is a perfect solution for this type of industry. This industry has many challenges with putting in new point of sale, new processing of card payments, gift card solutions, etc. Why? Because this industry has multiple niche markets in one footprint. Restaurants, Hotels, Retail shops, and even Petroleum.

These different niche markets all have different interchange schedules with MasterCard and Visa. The gateway used for the gaming system must be compliant with all the food & beverage, hospitality, retail and petroleum point of sales. If you do not have industry experience in setting these types of systems up there can be many mistakes made at the cost of the Casino. DBC will provide Project Management and Consulting throughout your project timeframe.



DBC has been a past member of the Missouri Restaurant Association & the Greater Kansas City Hotel Lodging Association. This experience has brought many relationships together in terms of software, point of sale and gateway connections that will ease your struggle with connectivity. DBC can be the one point of contact for your project. This allows your management more time in providing the support for their staff. With all the new interchange categories and new changes with debit card it is encouraging to have a professional help your industry to process smarter rather than harder. Rewards cards and Corporate Card rates have really taken off and eats up so much of this industry’s vendor costs. DBC can show you ways to save and understand exactly where your money is going. How to use this information for marketing and increasing business to accommodate the higher cost with Rewards and Corporate Cards.



Where did the credit card terminal go? Retail environment has gone to new heights with point of sale and web based systems. DBC has certifications with those point of sale systems and offers in house web based systems that offers card swipe, manually keyed, electronic check conversion, international currency conversion all at one click.

If your retail solutions have taken you out to door to door or to trade show environments, DBC has iphone and android solutions along with the processing sleeve attachments for your phones. Taking credit card payments face to face with swiping through the sleeve will save much more than manually keying in your transactions. You can email your receipts to your clients. Go to an Apple store and see how they process your order. No POS system, they use their iphone.