Bill Pay/Inventory Management/Customer Data Manager

Bill Pay/Inventory Management/Customer Data Manager


Allows a business to generate and distribute invoices via email, greatly reducing the cost associated with preparing and mailing paper invoices, as well as, the cost of processing paper check payments. The invoices are easy to read and contain the company’s logo. The customer can then conveniently and securely pay the invoice using the ePN secure payment page, without even having to lick a postage stamp!

  • Convenient

  • Secure

  • Fast

  • Reduces Cost


Our integrated inventory management solution enables merchants to manage their inventory levels with automated alerts and product level sales tracking. Cost-effective and reliable, ePNInventory is the ideal solution for merchants who need an automated inventory management system but, don’t have the funds or technical resources to build their own. Easy-to-learn and implement, ePNInventory allows merchants to focus on driving the success of their business, instead of creating software to manage it.

  • Since it is cloud-based, no downloadable software is required.

  • Process inventory sales through the Online Terminal, ePNjPOS and ePNMobile.

  • Inventory levels are automatically adjusted real-time, providing a constant up-to-date tracking of product levels.

  • Real-time reporting accurately tracks sales and seasonal trends, virtually eliminating out-of-stock situations.

  • Our secure servers ensure that the product database will not be compromised.


Our Customer Data Manager allows you to connect and manage your customer more effectively and easily. ePNCDM utilizing our secure and centralized database portal, ensuring the security and accessibility of your customer information. The ePNSecure cloud-based environment allows you to:

  • Store/update customer preferred payment methods

  • Store/update customer bill to/ship to methods.

  • Charge customer for one-time and repeat purchases

  • View customer transaction history

  • Import and export customer data

  • Analyze and sort customer data